Monday, November 19, 2012

paper in december

I am evolving with corrugated paper. 
I have worked with this thinner corrugated paper that allows more subtle waves, 
a more complex final shape.
Painted and varnished in black on this picture, it is mounted on a very thin metallic chain 
(gunmetal finish), doubled for a softer transition with the neck.
This model is for the bust.

With a stronger kind of corrugated paper also painted and varnished, 
this model is about elementary shapes. tensed, closed, empty and always in movement.
It is a double necklace, sautoir style ( long). The kind you just throw on you as you would throw a scarf 
to animate your outfit.

bright green


dark green


navy blue

I love those big round beads so I found another way to wear them. 
How interesting is this line of 3 beads gives weight to the paper. For the winter, on top of your sweater, even with a scarf, the sautoir style which is a long necklace always shows  and with its rigorous lines settle your silhouette.

metallic copper

metallic copper
metallic brown
metallic dark green
metallic sand

 I updated the little round beads with bright colors and textured cardboard.
 ....ooooo..... interlaced on a short black cord, it brings a touch of color. it's for everyday.


deep violet
bright green
you can also like it in white,  frosted brown,  
pink, light grey, black

 and still... the PAPER TO SEND COLLECTION 
this necklace is made with silk paper I laminate. The dots are mounted on a very thin metallic chain.
The style is around the neck 16'' long.
I just picked up a sample of colors but this model comes in a a lot of fun colors !

Inserted in a card with an enveloppe you simply offer by sending... 

duo red pink
mat gold
light blue

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