Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PAPER fringe

This season I have been inspired by the fringe and the way it falls lightly.

I couldn't resist on working on 2 versions.
With the short version I play with 2 colors : while this model settles on the bust, the longer model moves and catches light.

I am using wrapping paper  with a glossy finish for the beads, thin enough to roll it into narrow sticks and mounted on an antique brass chain. Finally, 3 small metallic pearls ( gold finish) bring weight and contrast with the texture of the paper.

model FRINGE
around the neck
 lenght  18 1/2 inch / 47cm
beads lenght 1 5/8 inch/ 4cm

water blue/gold





 water blue/orange

 water blue/white

 model FRINGE
 lenght  29 inch./74cm



water blue



and if you are not sure of how it falls beautifully 
here is ''my white shirt'' mini shots


ITs PAPER... choose your flavor

model BEN
For the summer, close to the neck and colorful
choose your flavor...