Thursday, April 8, 2010

I couldn't resist to extend the collection...

KUBI paper beads, sand color with a shiny touch , mounted on a duo of tulle fabric, icy brown and gold tobacco

and show you how it looks ...

spring 2010

TOM crispy copper like paper mounted on an extended gold snake chain
the weight of the chain balances the lightness of the flowers so they stay on the side , at the birth of the neck

KUBI cardboard paper, copper like mounted on gold tobacco tulle fabric

Hi paper lovers !

while spring always witnesses an explosion of colors, I decided to work with this irresistible paper that looks like copper.
essential copper. simple. strong. warm.
just a feeling of metal. and still so light.

while the model TOM has a pure line, the model KUBI is contrasted.
I love the blurry effect of the tulle fabric and the very perfect roundness of the paper bead.

the idea is the scarf.
and as a scarf you can style it. you can ajust the lenght, you can wear it tight around the neck or very loose, or you can choose to slide the beads an other way.

be seduced...