Thursday, October 15, 2009 the last wave of colors

very subtle, almost transparent
this one is like nacre

The DOT is like a second skin necklace.
it's flat, light, delicate
and playful in the same time.

- mat gold/gold/beige

-mat gold

I love this mixt of silvery grey and green.
it's soft, discrete but definitely makes a
statement when you wear it

- grey green/mat silver/grey

- grey green/mat silver

- mat silver/grey

- black/dark red/grey

Red with a wintery touch would enlight any skin !

- burgundy/dark red/reddish brown

- burgundy/reddish brown/purple

- red/burgundy/reddish brown

shade of dark green...
This cocktail replace beautifully black

- mixt of dark green/grey

- black/dark green

- grey green/dark green/black

- grey green/mat silver/dark green

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