Wednesday, March 18, 2009

   minh-thu leroy
   paper jewelry

in the mood for leaves

After more than one year since the last model this line comes with a light and colorful spirit.
And paper is still inspiring...

For this collection I worked with a glossy cardboard that is doubled for a better resistance. So the necklaces are still delicate without being fragile.
But don't forget that they don't like rain !

This time, I explored different styles. With the simplicity and sobriety of the models STONE and LUKE that will play just well with white cotton, you can wear the CHERRY style like a scarf by doubling or tripling the large ribbon.
NIEVES is a sautoir with a double thin ribbon that allows you to ajust the length if too long. it's a game with colors. it falls just well and brings a shiny touch to any outfit.

 STONE   metal grey and white on a plated silver snake chain
LUKE   glossy gold leaves on a doubled plated snake chain
CHERRY   red and orange leaves , red ribbon
NIEVES   silver leaves, purple ribbon
NIEVES   indigo leaves, indigo ribbon
NIEVES   glossy white leaves, cream ribbon
NIEVES   metal grey leaves, cream or black ribbon
NIEVES   black leaves, black ribbon

NIEVES   gold leaves, red or green ribbon
NIEVES   yellow leaves, green ribbon
NIEVES   red leaves, purple ribbon

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